(2-3 Business days)



(Within 48 Hours)



(Within 24 hours)



(Within 12 Hours)

Rates are based on the following:

  • A standard 25-line page. For 28-line pages, please add $0.05 per page

  • Edited and scoped, turn-in ready draft transcript. An additional $0.10 per page will be added to the base rate for unpolished, "messy" transcripts and highly technical transcripts that require extensive research.

  • Weekends and federal holidays not included in turnaround time.*

*I am able to accommodate work on weekends and holidays. Please email me for availability ahead of time. 

If your job is longer than 200 pages, please send it to me in chunks so that as you are working on it/getting it scoped, I can proofread right behind to ensure the job is completed efficiently. 

New Client Offer: First 15 pages (Standard) free of charge!
  • New clients will receive an invoice upon completion of the first job (first 15 pages free!). Payment is due upon receipt. Additional jobs will be accepted after full payment is received.  

  • Existing clients will receive invoices on the 1st and 15th of the month. Payment is due within 15 calendar days of the invoice date. No additional jobs from client will be accepted if payment is 10 days past due. 

  • Late fee of 2% will be charged to invoices that are not paid by the due date (per 30-day period, compounded monthly).

  • Additional fee of $0.10/page will be added to the base rate for "messy" transcripts that are in rough condition.  

Credit card payments can be made directly on your invoice. Checks and PayPal are also accepted. 

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